4 May 2016

This short scene was shot with the intention of marrying the styles of John Cassavetes and Kar-Wai Wong. Affairs my run hot and cold, but the most interesting part is how they end. Watch Video:  

3 May 2016

A generation ago a young woman turned her demeaning position as a slave inspired pancakes spokesmodel into a “sweet” new religion. As Polly’s appetites grow, she struggles to find her place in a sticky world. Campy casting choices use humor to help the audience question just how sweet […]

3 May 2016

Perception is the key. She thinks she is teasing an admirer, but he has other plans. Promo Work:

24 Apr 2016

Traditional cultures and non-traditional families collide in this love story. A father seeks to protect his family, while his husband struggles to keep himself together. Are traditional values so different for gay parents or is there a new way forward? Promo Work: