Artist Statement


A writer must choose his story. I search for subjects and situations that only I am uniquely suited to investigate. Humans instinctively recoil from that which cannot be quickly understood and controlled. I seek to tear apart the viewers long held need for simplicity and then systematically stitch their worldview back together, like a wicked doll maker.


Sexuality, psychological impacts of color, identity and the self delusions we hide behind: These are ongoing questions I explore as a writer. Color affects the viewer in context of their culture, while simultaneously adhering to our hardwired primitive psyche. Manipulating these responses are effective tools for me as a filmmaker.


Drag Queens, upside down worlds and innocence are recurring themes in my work. I am fascinated by cross-genres as extreme as mixing Blaxploitation Revenge-Action films cast with Drag Queens or more subtle like all male casts exploring themes of vulnerability and violation. There is comedy in the darkest corners, beauty in the ugliest of monsters and deception in the most innocent of smiles. Be more than is expected of you.